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MUSIC + QUIZ 2 -  Downloadable Audio Quiz ready to play.

Download Includes:

  • Full set of MP3 Audio Files To Play Out
  • Host Questions & Answer Sheets
  • Host Scoresheet
  • Print Off Contestant Answer Sheets
  • Print Off Picture Round Sheets
  • Full Instructions For Downloading and Playing


Round 1 - PICTURE ROUND. Print off how ever many you need. Your contestants have the duration of the whole quiz to complete it. You'll need to name the classic album covers.

Round 2 - WHICH CAME FIRST? There are 8 sets of 3 songs to play out. Your contestants will have to guess from the three hits played which hit was released first.

Round 3 - WHO IS IT? You'll hear 8 mystery voices. Can you put the names to the voices?

Round 4 - BEAT THE INTRO You'll hear the intro's to 8 songs. Can you name the title and artist as we fade out the songs just before the singing starts.

Round 5 - TV THEMES There are 8 TV Themes to play out. Can your contestants work out which TV show they're from?

Round 6 - GUESS THE YEAR There are 8 sets of 3 songs to play out. Each set of three are from the same year, can you spot it?

Round 7 - MIND THE GAP We'll play you 8 top hits. One word is bleeped out of the lyrics of each song. Can you work out which word should be in the gap?

Round 8 - MOVIE MUSIC You'll hear 8 pieces of music that became famous from their respective movies. Can you name the movies that they came from?







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