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This is the ALL - INCLUSIVE version of Music + Quiz 3 presented by our host.

Fully voiced version so just press Play and Play!


MUSIC QUIZ 3 -  Downloadable Audio Quiz.

Download Includes:

  • Full set of MP3 All - Inclusive Audio Hosted, so you don't have to.
  • Host Questions & Answer Sheets
  • Host Scoresheet
  • Print Off Contestant Answer Sheets
  • Print Off Picture Round Sheets
  • Full Instructions For Downloading and Playing


Round 1 - PICTURE ROUND. Print off how ever many you need. Your contestants have the duration of the whole quiz to complete it. You'll need to name the music stars from their caracatures.

Round 2 - GUESS THE YEAR? There are 8 sets of 3 songs to play out. Each set of three are from the same year, can you spot it?

Round 3 - WHO IS IT? You'll hear 8 mystery voices. Can you put the names to the voices?

Round 4 - BEAT THE INTRO You'll hear the intro's to 8 songs. Can you name the title and artist as we fade out the songs just before the singing starts.

Round 5 - LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION? Teams will hear 8 clips from some of the biggest movies ever. Can they name the movies that the clips come from?

Round 6 - TV THEMES? Teams will hear the TV Themes from 8 memorable TV Shows. Can they name them?

Round 7 - MOVIE MUSIC? You'll hear 8 pieces of music that became famous from their respective movies. Can you name the movies that they came from?

Round 8 - SPOT THE NUMBER ONE?  You'll hear 8 sets of three songs from some of the biggest music superstars. Only one of the three was a number 1 hit in the UK Charts. Can you spot the Number One?



Music + Quiz 3 All-Inclusive




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