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This is the ALL - INCLUSIVE version of Trivia Quiz 1.

The questions are all voiced by our host.

Just press play and then PLAY!


TRIVIA QUIZ 1 -  Downloadable Quiz ready to play.

Download Includes:

  • ALL - INCLUSIVE Hosted Audio
  • Host Questions & Answer Sheets
  • Host Scoresheet
  • Print Off Contestant Answer Sheets
  • Print Off Picture Round Sheets
  • Full Instructions For Downloading and Playing


Round 1 - PICTURE ROUND - Teams have the duration of the whole quiz to complete.

Round 2 - LEAD SINGERS - Guess which band the lead singers fronted?

Round 3 - SPORT - Questions about sports.

Round 4 - CONNECTIONS - The answers to these general knowledge questions all have one connection.

Round 5 - TELEVISION - If you're a couch potato, this is the round for you.

Round 6 - AT THE MOVIES -  Oscar Winners. Which movies won the Best Picture Oscar.

Round 7 - HISTORY - How much do you know about events of the past.

Round 8 - DOUBLE OR QUITS - General Knowledge Round


TRIVIA QUIZ 1 All - Inclusive




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