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'Bibbedi Bobbedi Boo,' it's our new 'DISNEY QUIZ.'

This quiz includes TRIVIA, AUDIO and PICTURE Rounds all focusing on the 'Wonderful World of DISNEY.'

Whether it's classic Disney or something more up to'll love this quiz.


Rounds Include:

  • Disney Villains
  • Disney Music (Audio Round)
  • Animal Sidekicks
  • Disney Spells (Audio Round)


Plus everything you need is included in the download.

  • Print Off Picture Rounds
  • MP3 Audio Files to play out.
  • Contestant Answer Sheets (Just print off how many you need)
  • Hosts Question Sheets


Finally there's an all important TIEBREAKER question just in case you need it.


'Wish Upon A Star' and enjoy our new Disney Quiz!





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