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BEST OF BRITISH QUIZ 2022 - Commemorating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

Downloadable Audio Quiz ready to play with all rounds based around THE BEST OF BRITISH.

Download Includes:

  • Full set of MP3 Audio Files To Play Out
  • Host Questions & Answer Sheets
  • Host Scoresheet
  • Print Off Contestant Answer Sheets
  • Print Off Picture Round Sheets
  • Full Instructions For Downloading and Playing


Round 1 - PICTURE ROUND. Print off how ever many you need. Your contestants have the duration of the whole quiz to complete it.

Round 2 - BEAT THE BRITISH INTRO. There are 8 songs all featuring the greatest British Singers or bands. Can you spot them?

Round 3 - WHO IS IT? More British singers. But, can you spot who they are from their speaking voices?

Round 4 - BITS OF ROYAL HITS. There are 8 very quick clips of songs in this sequence and all with a Royal Title hidden in there too. Spot the songs and artists to grab your points.

Round 5 - GOT TO LOVE LONDON. There are 8 songs with titles that feature London places. Can you name the London Area or place and the artists performing the songs?

Round 6 - MAJESTY OR TRAVESTY.  You'll hear 8 Clips of Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Some are actually her (MAJESTY) and some are impersonators (TRAVESTY). Can you spot the MAJESTY from the TRAVESTY?

Round 7 - UK AT EUROVISION. You'll hear 8 UK Eurovision Entries (not all of them were winners). Name the Artist and the Year that they were in the competition.

Round 8 - LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION. You'll hear 8 clips from some of the biggest and most successful movies in British Cinema. Can you spot the titles of the movies from the clips that we play.







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